Searching for Roy Eldridge is causing crashing on MAC (Build 898)

Greetings All,

When I use the search function on roon to look for music by Roy Eldridge (phenomenal trumpeter in the spirit of Dizzy, Louie), I am faced with a spinning beach ball error on my iMac and roon stops working. Roy, so far, is the only artist that elicits this response. I did not have this issue Sunday past, however. I’ve already done a complete reinstallation twice of the roon OS, but to no avail. I’m open to suggestions, thank you.

You can try clearing the cache to see if that helps, you will also need to restart Roon after doing so.

Go to: Roon → Settings → Setup → Clear image cache

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Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, Roon won’t load on my iMac, so I can’t perform this action. If I clear the cache from one of my other devices, will I achieve the same result? That is, will Roon load on my iMac?

I don’t think that will fix Roon not loading properly unfortunately. A few questions to hopefully get you moving in the proper direction.

Did you start having loading errors after trying to reinstall the application on your iMac?
Did you restore from a backup or not?
Do you have a backup, preferably before you started having issues?

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The issue started after updating Roon on my iMac. I’m running toon from a Nucleus and not my desktop, so I don’t have to restore from a backup. Yes, I have a 1TB backup in place. Thank you again, Tiz.

@David_T I’m thinking there is some type of database issue on your iMac which would be causing Roon loading issues, this could also cause an application crash. I don’t know about Nucleus as I don’t have one and I’m just a user like you.

I did read about the Nucleus a little bit and there is a web interface that you can go to and try resolving some problems.
Nucleaus Documentation

Solving the “data corruption” problem

Data can become corrupt as a result of user error or software bugs. The compartmentalized design of Roon OS limits the impact of such incidents.

Most cases of corruption occur in the Data partition. This is because the partition stores user data, which varies in size and content from user to user, and also because users are able to access this partition directly as a network share.

As long as the Nucleus is bootable, it’s possible to access the management interface and restore the product to normal operation. Since Roon allows the backup of user databases to local drives, network shares, and Dropbox, a Nucleus can always be restored to its last working state with minimal effort.

As I stated before, I’m just a normal user trying to help and I don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction if I don’t know the answer. You will probably need supports help, you can call them out by putting @ in front of support. I will stop rambling now :rofl:

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Thanks, Riz. I will look into this solution.
You’re awesome, man.
What types of music do you appreciate?

No problem, always willing to help!

I like Rock, Metal, Jazz, Funk and everything in-between basically! You?

I post on the music forms here pretty often.

My tastes are similar, eclectic. I’ll share some of my recent favorites with you after work.
Thanks again, Riz.

Sounds like a plan and I hope you can get everything working again after work!

Check these two recordings out. Let me know if you like them.
I did restore function to the Roon app on my iMac, but bizarrely, when I conduct a search for a specific artist, the search causes the app to crash and forces a complete erase and reinstall to get up again. I am waiting to hear back from support.

Maybe the title of this thread needs changing, it seems the Search feature is “blameless” until proven otherwise.

Hey @David_T,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you in the ticket system. I’m responding over there with next steps. The details you added here are very helpful.

BTW: I dig Milt Jackson but know that album. I’ll check it out, thanksa gain for all your music recommendations. The Jutta Hipp/Zoot Sims is great. That disc used to be impossible to lay hands on back in the day. It’s still mind-blowing to me that all this stuff is so easy to enjoy thanks to streaming.

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