Searching for Tidal Playlists from within Roon

I would love it if Roon gave us the ability to search for Tidal playlists. It seems there is no way to do this.

To be clear I’m not talking about going into Tidal, “favouriting” a playlist and then have it appear in Roon. I would like to be able to search for Tidal playlists from within Roon just like I can search for artists, albums etc


Sad and funny. I already found it suboptimal in Audirvana, where the playlist would only show up in the search box itself, but not in the search result where the albums etc. appear. I rely heavily on the curated “Essentials” playlists in Tidal when exploring music and now in Roon this is not possible at all. Bummer!

Yes please this feature is desperately needed!

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yes please this is needed very badly , why can i search playlist by name - such as roon 1.8 new beginnings playlist.

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