Searching in Roon with incorrect spelling

I need to be educated on this.

I had a need to hear Dobie Gray’s “Drift Away” and my stream of consciousness led me to seek out other versions. One of which I knew was covered by an artist known as Uncle Cracker. (Or so I thought.)

After doing a search in Roon for Uncle Cracker which is correctly spelled Uncle Kracker…

I found the Uncle Kracker version in Tidal using the Track Name “Drift Away”

In Roon, I searched for the artist, The Left Bank. It gave me three pages of results some including artists with that name and albums with similar names.

But no The Left Banke

But the same search in Tidal (also incorrectly spelled) returned The Left Banke as one of the results:

Is there something I should be doing to get better results when searching for an artist in Roon when I don’t know the exact spelling of the artist’s name?

Unfortunately we are now five years on @dbtom2 and there is still no solution for these basic spelling issues!

Tidal and Qobuz both provide the expected results for your example but Roon makes no attempt to handle such common errors. Current improvements to the search function still do not address this.