Searching in the Android Roon Remote

I’m using the roon remote on an android tablet. Whenever i want to search for something, an almost full screen box opens and i can type in what i’m looking for… but when i do that on my mac, it’s a much more refined search experience where the search bar is embedded in the UI and results are dynamic, proposing results whenever I type an additional letter.
Is that a bug in my app? is there a setting somewhere? or is the android app simply lagging behind the mac one?

mobile and desktop apps are different in UI and functionality. That being said when you said “mac” did you mean a desktop Mac or an iOS device like a phone or tablet?

I meant a desktop mac, a macbook to be more precise.
To me the dynamic search should really be a standard, disregarding whether it’s a mobile or a desktop version.
Interestingly the ios version also has a dynamic search…