Searching Qobuz and Tidal incomplete

I just heard the Canadian Jazz Quartet from Jazz FM 91 (Toronto) , a track from the album “Just Friends”.

I have both Qobuz and Tidal, but no other premium services.

I go to search for “Canadian Jazz Quartet” in Roon and ALL it finds is a different album, the only one on Qobuz, “Brazillian Reflections” but Tidal has both that and “Just Friends.”

I add it to my Tidal favorites. Does it show up in Roon? Nope.

Honestly this kind of really sucks to be looking at a year old bug for something seemingly simple.

Did you go into settings:services:Tidal and hit sync now?

Unfortunately albums hearted through the streaming service outside of Roon do not always show up right away inside Roon.
Sometimes need a bit of help if you are in a hurry…

That works! Thank you. Unfortunately I could only heart it by going direct to Tidal. Really want to rely on Roon to find albums/artists/tracks across my services.

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It can be a pita at times I admit.
But glad the workaround worked as well for yourself as it does for myself.


I want to be clear. The album search does not work correctly. Favorites does, but only after a refresh.

Worked for me. I searched in Roon for “Canadian Jazz Quartet Just Friends”. It showed up immediately and I clicked on Versions and added these two versions. Piece of cake.

Adding more search terms or focusing on the ones that are key/different seems to bring more results.
So “canadian just friends” works.

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