Searching Qobuz in Roon

After looking through the several relevant posts that exist on this, I decided to start a new topic for the purpose of specifically providing examples and use cases for the Roon team with as much specific data as possible to make it useful and actionable to the team.

I do believe that after getting better for a while, about 3-4 releases ago, the effectiveness of searching through tidal/qobuz catalogs took a major dive. After getting repeatedly frustrated and not seeing any forward progress, I decided that I should do my part to provide the team with actionable, useful data and use cases. I will update this thread as I run into more of these specific, clear-cut, mainstream use cases.

Here’s the first one:
Try to find “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” by “Joe Cocker” on Qobuz. Doing this search simply by typing in “dont let me be misunderstood cocker” using the Qobuz app on a Mac is trivial and will get you to the right results within seconds. Now try to do the same from within Roon… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Facts of the case:

  • I am in the US and have been using roon for the past 5 years exclusively
  • On this roon core, Qobuz is the only service that’s ever been configured
  • This song does not otherwise exist anywhere in my roon library. It is not in a playlist and no album with this song in it has been previously added to my roon library.
  • I do not have the “Only show my Library” option checked
  • I do not have ANY Focus/Filters active in any of Album/Track/Artist views
  • I have not played this song from any file/source/service on this Roon core before
  • Yes the track and the album are there on Qobuz and available to me in the US. In fact this track appears in multiple albums by Joe Cocker that are on Qobuz and are all available to me.

PS: When relevant, appropriate and truly needed, I will post screenshots but I am also a software engineer with 20+ years of experience including building search backends for retail ecommerce sites as well as social media sites so please kindly refrain from asking for stock intake information that wastes my time as a user without necessarily providing better information for the team. Similarly, I also have full appreciation of the challenges involved in use cases surrounding this type of search functionality across multiple catalogs with imperfect metadata so am more that willing to invest the time in helping the team out when appropriate.

I sincerely hope that I (and others) can provide some good actionable data for the team by way of these posts so that search can be made much better because after 5 years of commitment and persistent exclusive use, my frustration has only grown and every other service out there (Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz) or most other apps (eg: Aurender Conductor) seem to have this figured out pretty well.

Thank you.


I copy and pasted your example, and this is what I got in less than a mumbled count of 3 seconds.

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Thanks @Rugby and @Jim_F.

As expected, the plot thickens:

I’m in Europe with Qobuz and Roon. Qobuz finds it fine, Roon fails abysmally. Even if I do a “View All” of the tracks, it isn’t there. It is such a pity Roons search is so poor. I have given up posting similar examples from the Classical genre.

It is very interesting to me that @Rugby and @Jim_F get one set of results that are very similar (but not identical ! ) and that Jez and I get another that are also similar but not identical.

So clearly roon applies personalization to search results which I had long assumed but didn’t have proof for. I do wonder if the search algorithm got tweaked in the past 3-4 releases especially such that personalization is now getting a much higher weight than what the core metadata attribute matching is producing. I can’t imagine otherwise why an exact match for a track title and artist name song won’t even appear AT ALL in some search results.

If you have Tidal and Qobuz, you will get different result than if you have only one of them. There could be other reasons, IDK.

Multiple services sure are a lot more complicated as cross-matching of albums and tracks also comes into play which is why I wanted to focus on super straightforward, clear and mainstream use cases with this thread.

I have one service configured. No matching track in my library. I know the exact name of the track and the artist. Metadata on the track is correct for that service and it is available to me. In any use case, surely this needs to be a direct, exact match and ideally appearing as the #1 search result entry.

Hopefully someone from the roon team with the technical knowledge can chime in soon…

My own attempt at the identical search via Roon (latest ver) and signed into my US Sublime+ account replicates @onaudio ‘s lack of results.

The search is profoundly defective. I do have “Don’t let me be misunderstood” in my library, on an an Album by Nina Simone. Here’s what I get when I search for “ “Don’t let me be misunderstood” and select “Only show my library”.

Yep, that’s right (or wrong), no sign of the track, just a playlist with some Bartok string quartets. Not the faintest clue what that has to do with the search.

Yet here is the proof that there is a Nina Simone version in my library.

I’m in the UK. Streaming service is Qobuz. My search replicates the OP’s.

No sign of the Joe Cocker version.

I’m in Georgia, USA. Maybe it’s a function of location??

This is what I get (in the US)

Even when looking at all albums and tracks Joe Cocker is no where to be seen. I only have Qobuz and my local library.

No matter what I type using that track title, Joe Cocker will not come up in the results. If I only type in “Joe Cocker”, then look through the album results, the album is there (Qobuz) with the track by that name.

Btw, it comes up correctly using the Qobuz app.

I’ve had similar issues before. I agree the search function needs some serious work.

And I’m also in Europe (in the Netherlands), and Roon search works for me:

Even typing in Joe Cocker then the track title it doesn’t come up


I am in The Netherlands, no Qobuz but Tidal. My results are similar…

In the UK Qobuz only, album not in my library

Perhaps it’s time to ask @support why the same search string seems to divide us into two camps - one getting the correct result, and one not…

Really strange. :expressionless: I’m also in The Netherlands on Qobuz. Get exactly these same results. I don’t have any version of this song in my library, nor anything by Joe Cocker.

I’ll add my version, UK Qobuz user without the song in my library

Also I have four library versions of the song by Nina Simone and the Animals that don’t show in the results at all although the Qobuz versions by those artists do make the results list.