Searching Qobuz through Roon misses some songs found in Qobuz

Hi, I just started using Roon and I searched for some “old favorite” songs I have previously enjoyed streaming directly from Qobuz. I find that in general, “all tracks” on Roon are fewer than presented on Qobuz and as a result, some “covers” of the song are missing. I went back to Qobuz, and found the missing songs by searching only by song title. I then returned to Roon and added the missing artist’s name to the song title. Only then did Roon find these songs. Am I doing something wrong? I would hate to think that using Roon is going to limit my song universe.

If Roon doesn’t find something, you can “like” it in Tidal or Qobuz, then it will show up in Roon. To get it quicker in Roon, go to Settings - Services - Edit - Sync Library Now.

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Thanks. I don’t think I have previously “liked” songs in Qobuz — my habit was to save them to playlists that I would update frequently. But I will give it a try

I only link and listen to full albums, but I think individual tracks should work also.

Thanks for the “like + sync” hint
I hate it when Roon doesn’t find stuff available in Qubuz like

Another one, to be found on 7 different albums in Qobuz, Kaspar - Dreams. Nothing in Roon search? Those are various artists albums, is that why? Had to resort the like+sync trick te get in in my lib.

Unfortunately you have hit Roons biggest weakness it’s search function. It’s seriously broken and had been for so long it’s embarrassing.

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My feeling is that it got better with the latest update. Now I can actually find tracks by name!