Searching Qobuz Within Roon Not Showing Results!

Do not know if I was doing anything wrong but tried a search for " Woodstock 50 " and " Woodstock 50 - Back To The Garden " but both yielded no results. Did get a couple of tracks from the album to show up but not the whole album!. Managed to find this album on the Qobuz desktop app for OSX but then only an mp3 version so did not bother to download or review. I do find the search function on the Qobuz web sit a bit clunky and unpredictable or am I the only one?. So how specific do you have to be to get the album to popup in the search results?.

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong.
Not sure with which country your Qobuz subscription is based, but that album does not appear to be available (yet, anyway) with a US subscription. When and if it does become available, it would likely be at or near the top of the search results in Roon or Qobuz app, probably even with as little as ‘Woodstock’ entered in the search field.

I live in England.

Went to the download page for this album and noticed this message " This album is only available to purchase for download " :frowning_face: in smaller text than the rest of the page. Qobuz should really have this warning in bigger, Bolder text as it is not immediately obvious!.