Searching the classical repertoire


I eventually tracked down the MusiCHI suite

Its now at 6.8 and provided me with Dropbox link to the set up files

This should give you a 30 days Demo , but it does seem like MusiCHI has stopped support for it , I trued mailing the support address but it bounced back, hence sales@

I use it because it has MusiClean , a look up for Composers and compositions and a really excellent Text Processing tool for say splitting Movements out of Track Names or renumbering in Roman Numerals

I will keep it for as long as it stays current. It looks like MusiCHI is heading into hardware , a shame really but their business decision

For what its worth

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Searching for Compositions of a particular Form for a Composer is very unintuitive. Ordinarily you would go to Mozart, say, and look for Concertos. You can’t separate them out so you give up.

In fact, what you need to do is go to Compositions, and use the Focus tools to specify Composer (Mozart) and Form (Concerto). This then results in a usable list that can be ordered in various ways and Bookmarked if desired.

But most people will just go to Mozart and get lost.

A year or so ago I made a compilation of the Feature Requests I would like to see in Classical. One of them (originally proposed by @evand) has been implemented now, being ROONALBUMTAG and ROONTRACKTAG. Fingers crossed for more.

they list his complete works, and recordings for each. there are 153 recordings all told, which is pretty good for a relatively minor composer (relative to Bach).

the problem is not arkivmusic, but the recording industry:

your link doesn’t work for me for some reason. what are ROONALBUMTAG/TRACKTAG?


Well, bummer. Thanks for the link, Mike!

Does anyone know if there anything that compares with MusiCHI for dealing with existing large libraries of local classical files?

Post nr 4
Thanks to mr Geoff Coupe: Indeed I used the wrong word. Folder is the correct word.
Thus: Folder- list (not: Map-list). I mean the usual computer activity with files. I am sorry.
Thanks to mr. Akimo: For providing a example. He has 1500 classical albums.
That results in 1500: 24= 60 screens on PC and 1500: 5= 300 screens on my telephone.
+ Roon mixes all styles together. So going through his home collection will take considerable
more effort than looking at the previously mentioned 300 screens .
+ The Roon presentation (before tagging) ranks at least the classical recordings at random.
That makes the interpretion of the screens even trickier than looking at a list that is already
alfabetical and numerical ranked by the computer.

I want to emphasize once more that I am only targeting at the handling of a home-collection.
The Roon picture-presentation is beautiful but for the sake of pleasant and easy scrolling my
home collection I prefer a simple list.
I do not want to deprive other Roon users from their blessings. I do not ask for more but for less.
I highly appreciate the Nucleus for its superlative audio management. That is enough for me.
Offer a Nucleus in the form of a super audio NAS, a tool suitable to communicate with my folders.
That would be a premium product far above the supply offered by the typical NAS producers.
A NUCLEUS NAS. That would be a unique object for the high end audioscene.

NB: Browsing (the search of 1 specific object) is not the problem! It’s easy.
But like all other owners of any home collection it is about the personal and easy grip on that
collection. Without endless tagging. Roon does nor want something like that and neither do I.

R.H. Maasdam, Netherlands

Alas that is of no use if you use Qobuz. You will only find compositions already in your library.

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Fixed the link, thanks for spotting that.

See the KB article on ROONALBUMTAG.

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