Searching Tidal thru Roon. How?

Hi folks, sorry to start a new topic, I have a feeling the answer is simple but I can’t figure it out. I’ve been using Roon to play my own music for almost a year and paying Tidal for the same time period for not much usage. I’ve used it maybe 6 times to listen to new and trending music. I’m sure I don’t know how to use it.

I’m in the US, using a MacBook Air to run Roon with integrated Tidal membership. I click on Tidal and see all sorts of types of music, but where’s search? In the top right corner, is a magnifying glass. I click on it, search for Cranberries, get nothing. I know I don’t have any Cranberries in my music collection, but I’m hoping to stream from Tidal. Obviously the search is for my Roon library?? Right? Where is the Tidal search?

I did start up the Tidal app and did a search and found Cranberries and streamed from there. But if it’s supposed to be integrated into Roon, shouldn’t I be able to search Tidal in the Roon ap.

PS, this is entered from my non-music home computer, so no screen shots.

I see similar topics next to this window, but they seem to focus on different regions not showing new tracks. So Im starting this topic. Any hints for me?

Hi John,

No Cranberries in my collection either. So, I clicked the magnifying glass and typed cranberries and this is what I got.

You can see the headings Tidal Artists, Tidal Albums and Tidal Tracks.

Is this not what you’re seeing? The search will include your library and Tidal, if you’re subscribed.

This is what you see if an Artist is already in your library.

Here you can see Library Artists or click the Tidal Artists tab.


Cheers, Greg

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Yay, I do now. Maybe because I had the Tidal app also running? Not sure, but will see if I can recreate it somehow. I can restart and open apps and so forth. Thanks for the quick reply!

cheers back, John