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well I’ve been year by year with Roon for almost 3 years and almost certainly going to bite the bullet soon. one of the things that is holding me back is the search function. In some of my other apps (Lightning DS eg) I can search my library by genre and by file resolution. Am I missing a way to do this within Roon? It seems like such a basic feature…

Use Focus you can select by resolution.

What and where is Focus?

It’s at the top of the screen in album view for example

The knowledge base and user guide is a great place to learn features

I would like to search by the folders I use for my music. There are five broad categories which helps me identify music that I can’t recall.
Although I like the discover function it won’t find the files that Roon does not like, nor those that Tidal has saved even though I have the same files in my music library.
Any ideas fellows?

Unfortunately, browsing the Roon library is problem. A well known problem…
It has been discussed ad nauseam in quite a few threads.

Lets hope Roon’s Team will come up with something like iTunes or JRiver panes browsing system.

For the moment we’re stuck with the Focus tool :expressionless:


Expand on the tidal files bit if you would.

For example …
I bought three Cat Stevens cds and ripped them and placed them in mymusic folder; two are shown, but the third shows up as a Tidal album.

Is the ripped album shown in the versions tab?

Yes - I think so anyway

Thanks…that was very helpful! Evidently I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the functionality.

As you explore it, recognize the Focus function is context-sensitive. For example, if you are using Album view, you will see tons of options appropriate to an album (like formats, bit rate). If you are in the Artist view, they are different and more limited.
It only took me three years to recognize this (via Roon Forum), but I tend to be slow. :frowning_face:

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As still a lot of people are requesting ‘Folder View’ in Roon, but will never get ti (Never say Never :slight_smile: ), and most people are not familiar with all the possibilies and power of the ‘Focus, Tag & Bookmark’ trio

I wonder if it would be worthwhile to make a new Category in this forum, where users can share best practices on how they use the F-T-B trio to solve problems, or just make their lives more easy in handling their music albums/tracks.

I believe it would be smart if we could make different topics in this new Category, in order to split questions and discussions, from the catalog of presented use cases.
Today, a lot of information is already present in the forum, but often too dispersed and too difficult too find , in order to be really helpfull in providing ‘knowledge’ and ‘confidence’ to Roon users.

Support will be needed, I think, form one of the Roon support team to set this up, but maybe its worthwhile to check if there’s interest in such use cae catalog.


TBH, we’ve been here before. All the FAQs were originally posts in the forum. Over time, it became difficult to find them, and so the content was moved across to the Knowledge Base. It’s probably better to keep pushing people to check the KB, perhaps with an initial helping hand, than to deepen the content in the Forum yet again…

I’m much more in favour of developing the KB than replicating the information in the Forum itself.

Hi Geoff

I understand what you are saying, and I totally agree that the Knowledge Base is the place to find the formal information on how to use Roon.

However, specifically regarding to ‘Focus, Tag & Bookmarks’ , even explained fully and correctly, it is difficicult for people to get a good understanding of what can be achieved with ‘creative’ uses of these 3 functions.

What I am aiming for is a catalog of personal ‘use cases’ how Rooners have used these functions.
I believe this would be very usefull but overkill for the KB.

Just my 2 cents


Actually, I don’t see this as overkill for the KB at all. I think use cases - practical examples - belong in the KB. There are already examples of this there - I support extending them.

I am happy with that too. As long as it is easy to be found :slight_smile:

Since when did users read the manual? :thinking::worried:

True, but at least we can point them in the right direction when they ask.

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Perhaps sadly, I’ve found that the more I use Roon the more I consult the KnowledgeBase. There is a ton of great information in there.
The only real barrier (aside from sloth) is that there isn’t a really easy way to get ‘there’ from ‘here’. Most people come in via the Community, and the KnowledgeBase is it’s own URL. So you don’t naturally come across it as you graze the Forum. It would be great if there was an easy link, but that might not be possible in Discourse.