Seattle Symphony -- Berio: Sinfonia; Boulez: Notations I-IV; Ravel: La Valse

Roon metadata (and metadata) for Berio’s Notations I-IV seems wrong, it does not group the 4 tracks under one work. I added WORK and PART tags to the tracks and told Edit Album to prefer the multi-track groupings on file rather than Roon’s. All is good now, but Roon’s metadata should be fixed. “Notations I-IV” is acknowledged as a composition per se, but sometimes it’s performed together with “Notations VII,” which I suspect is the source of the confusion in the data. In fact, just checked my Roon collection and I have the other (5 track) version, on a boxset of Boulez’s complete works, titled “Notations, for orchestra (5 pieces developed from piano version)” with the parts in order 1, 7, 4, 3, 2. The description for this composition starts: “These four pieces …” which contradicts the fact these are five pieces. It gets even complicated (oh classical metadata…), as French Wikipedia explains. One composition or several independent ones? The problem with that is that in Roon’s original metadata, the 4 tracks are all conflated as different performances of the same composition.