Second core and remote library

Hi crew. Heading to CES in the morning (will see if I can find some Roon folks to ask about MQA) and bringing my music. :slight_smile: Do I understand correctly that I could set up my laptop as a remote core and, if nothing else, use Roon on the road to access Tidal, including with an Audioquest Dragonfly Red, MQA? I would just boot up Roon and select my laptop as the core, which would, temporarily, deselect my home server as the core with no damage, yes?

And, is there any way with such a remote setup to access my NAS at home as a remote library of music for my laptop to play, similarly to the way that JRiver does it? Thanks all. JCR

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You can transfer your license onto your laptop and run core there when away from home. Just disconnect it from your main core at home and you’ll be given the option to connect the local core.

To access your files at home on your NAS you will need to VPN connection to home, but I don’t recommend it. It will be too slow. Just take some files with you on your laptop.

Eventually the Roon team will implement a more elegant mobile solution. It’s on their todo list.

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