Second Core, but can't get a new subscription for it from Roon Labs

Description Of Issue

I have a new Roon Nucleus, adding to one existing Core. It comes with a coupon for a free subscription, but the website wants to add that to my existing subscription – I think. All of my other attempts to ask for help have produced no response at all in the last 24 hours, not even an automated email acknowledging the issue. Most of the documentation I can find is out of date; I’ve reported problems with that too, also without acknowledgement. I’m guessing this isn’t normal. Mostly I want my new Nucleus up and running, but ideally I’d like to know that Roon Labs responds to customers too.

So you want to have both cores running simultaniously, on two different subscriptions? Normally, it would simply add a year to your current subscription. And you’d have to sign out of one core, to use the other.

Just wondering: did you try to log in to your account page (Account - Roon Labs), and click on ‘contact us’, where it says: “Do you need another subscription or want to buy a gift code?
Please contact us.”

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting back to me.

To the first point: Yes, I want both cores running simultaneously – or at least, that seems like the most straightforward model. I’d prefer to avoid having to sign in and out (and hey, this way Roon makes more $$$). I rarely actually want to use both at the same time, so I could probably get away with just the one subscription, but the whole point of Roon (for me) is convenience, and that… would not be convenient.

To the second point: Also yes, I tried that among various other attempts to reach Roon. This is the only one that has elicited any response (so thank you!).

– James

One account can have subs for multiple cores. I don’t know how that works with gift codes. Let me ping the @accounts team who can provide guidance.

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It would even be OK to pay for a new subscription and apply the gift code to the existing one – it’s up for renewal soon anyway.

Hey @James_Dennett,

I’m sorry to have missed your community post. I believe we’ve continued this conversation over email - especially since these are account related questions, that is preferred. I’ll go ahead and close this thread, but please, feel free to reach out anytime over email or here, on the community.