Second core in different network


Is it possible to switch from one core to another?

Currently my Mac Mini is the Core
Music is stored on an external hard drive, which is connected to this Mac Mini.

Can I disconnect this hard drive and connect it to my Windows laptop on which Roon Remote runs and us this (remote) laptop as a second Core in another network than the initial Core?

And more important: will settings in both cores be unaffected?


Hi @Cem_Lafci,

Yes, you can switch between which Core machine is authorized at any time. Note that you can only have one active at a time per license.

Hi Dylan,

Thank you so much for your quick respond.

“Only one active”: does this mean that the Roon app has to be shut down on my Mac Mini, when I run Roon on my laptop and authorize it to be my “other” core?

Hi @Cem_Lafci,

There can only be one Core at a time, but you can have multiple Roon Remotes/Clients controlling the Core.

When you start Roon on your Windows PC, you will be asked if you want to connect to an existing Core (the Mac Mini) or set up the Windows PC as a Core (“Use this PC” option).

If you keep the Core on the Mac Mini. You can have as many Roon Remotes/Clients as you wish, but only one Core that’s doing the actual database management.

I would set the Core to be the computer that is powered off the least and using Roon Remote/Client will allow your Core to see the Client’s audio outputs/stream music through it.

Thank you so much Noris!

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