Second External drive on ROCK

Running ROCK with external USB drive for media. Works great. Trying to add network share to an external USB drive on another computer to back-up database. Not having much success so decided to connect the external USB drive to ROCK/NUC to back-up. Is this a bad idea? When I try to back-up to it I get “Failed to get authorization to access your account” What does this mean?


Ron in order to contact support use this @support …I’ve done it for you.

Thank you
Should have put it there.

Thanks for reaching out, @Ron_Sanders!

What device is the USB drive connected to when you were trying to access it over the network? Can you confirm the folder was properly shared?

Can you share a screenshot of what you were entering in Roon?


Get back into this tomorrow…


I believe I have figured it out. I found a note in Notepad from when I had this problem before. If the back-up completes all will be good.
The back-up has completed so I guess I am good.
Thanks for your help.