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Intel Next Unit of Computing Kit 11 Enthusiast Kit - NUC11PHKi7C 32 Go RAM SSD Me 780 Go

Hello, i want to add a second ssd Mve 2 To inside a roon core ( not usb ) and place on my music ( and exit the nas ); but ron core do’t see it: why ? Thank’s

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Have you gone to the rock web admin screen and formatted the disk?

Yes, afer install hard disk, i boot roon rock, but no internal music storage on the web interface !
Of course, i can’t formatted it. I try with a other ssd Mve , same situation, i can’t see it: don’t understand …

Screen print of ROCK Web interface, please.

If nothing shows up waiting to be formatted under ‘Internal Music Storage’ and you are sure the SSD is good, then either M.2 is not seated properly or not enabled in BIOS.

Are you referring to the SATA drive slot or a second M.2 slot. Ether way it could require a change to the BIOS to enable it.

Well well, it’s a good idea, i try this evening: that’s a lot +++

I suspect this will be a BIOS related issue. Check the drive is recognised there.

This isn’t a supported NUC for running ROCK, which uses a single NVMe drive solely for the OS. Therefore, it’s a possibility that a second NVMe is simply not recognised by ROCK.

Thank you for your answer, I must have made a mistake in the transcription of the model. There are two ports for SSD Mve, activated in the bios. I stupidly thought that access to the hard disk had to be configured in the reader roon, whereas it was necessary to go through the web interface as said before… In fact, it is seen, j 've been able to format it, and I’m in the process of transferring my Nas to this hard disk by a windows network access… More than 3300 directories takes a lot of time!
In any case, thank you for your support, looking forward to reading you.

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