Second Nucleus + shutting down during the import process

I’m experiencing the same problem. I have two n+’s. First one is great - installed ssd, imported thousands of files, works like a charm. Second one worked great with tidal. Installed ssd, imported thousands of files onto ssd - still fine. Once I had n+ search its internal drive and import the tracks it went haywire. It won’t stay on for more than 10 seconds. It is not warm to the touch. It can’t be a network issue (when I swap out a sonic transport to the same connections, all is fine). Swapped out power supplies - same problem.

Hi @lyle_ganske ----- Thank you for the report and the feedback, both are very appreciated. Sorry to hear of the troubles.

Moving forward, to help aide in our understanding of this behavior you are experiencing with the second Nucleus+ you have on hand may I very kindly ask you to please provide the following:

  • When setting up the second Nucleus my assumption is that all of the same steps were followed, please confirm, and briefly describe how you went about configuring the second install.

  • Does the Nucleus ever come back on after it shuts down or do you have to turn it on manually?


Thanks for replying Eric. Same steps. It was fine with Tidal and after installing ssd and after transferring files onto ssd (after formatting). Problems started once files were imported into Roon. Once it shuts down, I have to restart manually. Shut down seems to be correlated to passage of time or playing certain dsd files. Neither happens with my other n+, and they’re the same files.