Second Roon Installation

I am recreating a second installation of Roon on a NUC/ROCK after an SSD failure. This is at a weekend home. I am wondering what is the optimal way to install Roon. My music is on an external HDD, which is an exact copy of the music on the HDD in our primary installation, which is at our full-time home. I also have both Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions. Do I restore from a backup of the primary Roon installation? Or just plug in the HDD into the NUC and let Roon do its thing? Thanks.

I’d restore from a backup. If the music is identical it’ll see the tracks and settle down. Otherwise it’ll do a full analysis and the results may well be different.

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If you install from a backup of the primary location won’t the storage location of the music be different at the second site? How will Roon find the music until you point Roon at the external HDD? And then won’t that result in a rescan of the tracks?

Sounds right. I think I will just do the install from scratch. Thanks.

It may need a rescan, but if you restore from a backup then any tags, playlists, etc. that you might have made will be preserved.

This is also true if you make any changes at your weelend home and want them to be carried over to your non-weekend home.

If you don’t have a second license, then you’re going to have to unauthorize the old Core and authorize a new Core at your second home.