Secondary level sort

I am curious as to what criteria are used as a second level sort. That is if roon is sorting by Artist and there are a number of albums by an artist, how are the albums sorted within the artist? From what I can see it isn’t album title, or any of the dates (added, released). Can users change this criteria?

See Settings/General for several sort options.

I may be wrong but I think @Stan_Jones is referring to the album page you get to following a search, which doesn’t seem to follow any recognisable criteria (e.g. title, release date etc.).

For example:

Yeah, I think you can sort by album release date with the settings I talked about. May have changed with 1.6

Possibly. The settings for album display don’t have any effect within search, at least not as far as I can see.

David is correct about the search I am referring to. I have several albums of the Beethoven sonatas by Martin Roscoe. If I select for the genre Classical and then Sort by Artist, the Roscoe albums are all together, of course, but in a jumbled order. For example, Beethoven Piano Sonatas, Vol. 1 occurs before Beethoven: The Final Trilogy, which in turn is before Beethoven Piano Sonatas, Vol. 2. (For the record, the roon/rovi titling of the albums in this series is a real mess.) So what determines the ordering of these Martin Roscoe recordings? A brief look at these and other artists suggest that it is release date, but can this be changed?

If I search for Martin Roscoe, then I can order the albums by title or by various dates, of course.