Secondhand roon core - any actions necessary?

Getting a Taiko extreme today from a gentleman in California. I am not sure if there is his copy of roon installed - in any event I would want to use my own.

Is there any additional action I need to take? Just asking before the install as I want to start off on a good foot.

If the Roon app is not installed then just install it.

Otherwise, you don’t need to install again. Check the following -

Go to Settings==>General and logout if it’s logged in (probably isn’t) and then log in as yourself.

Go to Settings==>About and see if Roon is up to date.

Go to Settings==>Storage, to see if any storage was left hanging around. If you are going to use existing internal storage that you have loaded up with your own music, do ‘Force rescan’.

You’ll probably want to Restore your latest Roon Backup to get any curations you may have done.