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I don’t seem to understand the heuristics behind the security alert emails.

My Roon instance is running on my PC. If I login in from the same machine I shouldn’t get the security email, really. It’s the same public IP.

There are no other Roon instances with the same IP since this IP is mine.

No, it’s the same machine my Roon instance is running on. You should already know this, please use it in your heuristics.

We tell you when you login in case someone has logged in as you. It only happens if you type your password.

Your IP/location is just to help find some obvious bad cases, but note that in rare cases, a login can also happen from within your own network if it was compromised.

If you recently typed your password, you can safely ignore the email. But if you get 2 emails for 1 typing of your password, you probably were keylogged.


To avoid spam, I’d implement 2FA for browser logins.
Nobody types the passwords anymore, we all use password managers (wishful thinking).

I’d say Roon Labs sends more emails without being [inherently] more secure.

How often are you logging in? Most users don’t get an email once or twice a year.

yep, I’ve had a security login email about 3 times in last 5 years.

I always get these e-mails when I try to login to Valence to improve photos on Firefox on my iPad. The strange thing on my iPad (not on Windows or Android) is that Firefox doesn’t login automatically. I have to type my iPad login code. After that, my mail address appears and the password section is also filled. But when I try to tap the enter button, the password vanishes and I have to use the iPad code again. Only after this second attempt, I can login… and receive a mail notification.

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If I use Roon more than two consecutive days legend says I login to add a new issue. Is this email a justification to not implement 2FA?

Sending email alerts about new logins and 2FA (two-factor auth) are two different things, aren’t they? First factor is the password, so you still use your password with 2FA.

I don’t know anybody with 2FA that sends confirmation emails, especially when Roon logs in from the same IP range as your browser.

@danny: “a login can also happen from within your own network if it was compromised.”, so you got a report from a hacked user that music turned on unexpectedly? I am trying to understand the use-case here.

Same. Every time I log into Valence.

Google does. After I use 2FA, they send emails to my gmail account, to my recovery hotmail account and notifications to all my other Android devices.

You’re wrong. It only does it when logging in from a new device and that’s a sensible point.

I just logged out from Google and logged back in. I have 2FA, no email on my gmail address, no email on my backup address.

Yes, I meant new devices. Roon does send it if you log out and back in on the same device, but I still don’t see the connection to 2FA.

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