See artist image when listening...?

Occurred to me (when driving my car) that it would be nice to see the artist image while playing music, rather than (or together with) the album cover. In this case, it was a medium-familiar artist: for the super-familiar artists, the album cover conveys the artist in my mind, but for others it would be a part of the ongoing education.

Just one small example: as we have discussed on the artist identification threads, there are two Avishai Cohens, one playing bass, one trumpet. So I have set the artist images to show the artist with his instrument, part of the ongoing feedback and education.

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@Brian2 – screensaver option?

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+1 for screensaver option.

One of the coolest things I thought about runing Ipeng on the Ipad was using it as a pictureframe slideshow for whatever was playing at the time.

Very Very cool, and would add to the Roon experience in my book.