See what album is Now Playing on mac interface that is being used to control a separate mac that is running Roon?

Long topic name haha.

I am wondering if there is a “Now Playing” thing that I can’t find.

This is my setup:

Running Roon on my MacBook Pro. It’s configured to basically be my music server and is outputting to my DAC.

Controlling Roon from my MacBook Air. Want to be able to easily see what the “Now Playing” album is.

Am I missing something super easy?

Thank you in advance for any and all help.

Usually the currently playing track is displayed in the bar at the foot of the screen. Clicking on that bar will bring up a playlist view. If your Air has a different zone selected than the Pro then it may be showing a different track, playlists are specific to zones.

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excellent, think that was it.

i also only see it when I enter Full Screen on the Air, does that seem right?

Can’t help with MacOS sorry, but in Win 8.1 there are 4 size options for Roon. Minimised, window, full window and full screen (player mode). The play bar is visible in both windows.

Hey @MichaelPemulis – can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing when you’re not full screen? I think that will help us determine what’s going on here.


ok, figured it out on my own, when i went to post a screenshot.

posting here in case anyone comes across this via search and has same problem as me :smile:

i have an 11" macbook air. i got a little “you should use Roon in full screen mode” warning when I started up for the first time, and I promptly ignored it and moved on :slight_smile:

This is what happens when you are on an 11" Macbook Air and are NOT in full screen mode: The bar at the bottom of the screen for Roon “Now Playing” is hidden by the Dockbar. You can see what I mean in the first screenshot. It was really tough to see that it wasn’t just black space/the end of the browser.

So I am going to have the Dockbar “automatically hide and show” so that it isn’t always on screen as a workaround. It’s still a little wonky, but at least i can see what’s playing w/o being in full screen. You can see what that looks like in the second screenshot below. I get the song title and the artist now, but not the album.

Thanks to everyone for their willingness to help!