Seeding from a compilation causes radio to fail sometimes

@support, Every now and then on radio I am getting “Nothing similar found: Roon radio limited to library”. I have just noticed it is because I am seeding from a compilation album. In this scenario, sometimes roon thinks the seed artist is the “artist” but sometimes it thinks it is “various artists”. I cannot see a pattern.

Anyway, if I seed from this compilation (any track), roon thinks the artist is “various artists”, cannot find anything similar, and exits to library only radio. Can someone please take a look?


Hey @Tony_Casey – can you share a screenshot of the album page, including the track list?

In particular, I’d like to know if this album is identified, whether there are track artists, and whether this album is available on TIDAL or Qobuz.

If I know a little more about this album, I can get a sense of whether Roon should have enough information to start Radio – if we don’t know anything, “Nothing Similar” might be right.

@mike, thanks for responding. This is a Qobuz album, album identified, all track artists are identified. Its the same problem with all tracks.

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