Seeing albums which artists have but I do not yet own those

Hi there! I am new to Roon and so far so good. One question came to my mind, is there any way possible to see albums which artists have but I do not yet own those?

For example, I have two albums from Lissie, but can I any way see “This artist have also this album, but you do not own it yet” or similar feature? And I don’t mean I want to connect to tidal for that, because even it does not have all the albums from all the artists I have.

If it is not yet possible, that would be super to see in future. Also it would be nice to have achievements when you have purchased all the albums from some artist :wink: Okay might not be useful for all, but handy for me to see if there is some missing albums from artists I like but I just don’t know if they have any other albums.

Is it possible? If so, how? :slight_smile:

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Great idea. Right now I’m collecting all Steven Wilson works (solo, PT, Blackfield and other projects) in all versions (stereo and 5.1). Would be great to have kind of “wishlist” in Roon. Must say that I buy a lot of music when I listen to it :slight_smile:

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A wish list would be a great idea but lesser known artists are less likely to be on a data base.

I find Tidal great for new music I have found interest in so far. It also does give me that information but I don’t think it will ever be complete however you do it.

just need for the roon developers to connect roon with discogs and pull the discography for any given artists from their api. should be simple enough. could also then cross reference your roon database with your discogs purchases.

Not presently … I’ve moved you pit the Feature Request section of the forum.

That said Tidal can help … but you need a subscription and even then it’s limited to the Tidal catalogue.

Not yet. I posted a similar request back in 2015. I had suggested displaying all the albums of a performer/band with the ones not yet in the library “greyed” out. Works well with bands with a standard discography; but gets twisted when discussing classical.

There’s no doubting Roon has access to the “complete” discographies from Rovi, and I’d love to have it, but I imagine one’s database would swell rather quickly.

Yeah, classical music might be hard for that. Anyway it would be handy to have this feature on Pop/Rock/Metal etc. when there is just normal discographies. :slight_smile:

This thread/ feature request is what drove me to ask for