Seeing colons where there are none

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Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Local. Screenshots below.

Screenshot of import settings

Screenshots below, thanks.

Description of the issue

Hi all.

Just wondered if anyone could shed any light on a little glitch I’m struggling with.

I have two CDs (of a 51 disc set, so I’d really like to be able to wrap my brain around this before I continue). They are tagged the same but are displaying differently.

Here is disc 1 in Roon:

No colon at the end of the piece’s name.

Here is the work/part tagging:

Here are the track names:

The track names include a colon, the work/part tags do not & I’m getting the correct result in Roon.

Here is disc 2 in Roon:

There is a colon at the end of the piece’s name.

Here is the work/part tagging:

Here are the track names:

I’ve done all the usual things. Identified. De-identified, re-scanned, removed & re- added, cleaned cache, cleared library, etc. etc. I’ve removed all the colons from all the track names & I’ve recreated the work/part grouping for disc two in the hope that it would help.

Can anyone point to the stupid obvious thing that I’ve missed or please, for the love of god, tell me what to do to sort this out???

Have you instructed roon to display local metadata instead of roon’s?

I have, yes. I also decided I was too tired to fight & instructed it to use Roon’s metadata. It didn’t change.

This is interesting & probably provides the answer…

I just spotted some small print at the bottom of one of the menus:

This would seem too imply that, of the 51 disc box set which I’m able to identify using Roon, some are not included in the Roon database. Which seems kind of odd.

It’s also odd that when I completely remove the colons from my files, they still appear in Roon, but maybe I haven’t tried the right combination of settings yet. (I was too tired at 2am. I shall try again today.)

So, I’ve moved on to disc 3 & it’s absolutely infuriating!

If I set Roon to ignore multi part compositions:

The the tracks appear exactly as I have them in my tags:

If, however, I set Roon to use my file tags (bearing in mind that I’ve “unidentified” the album):


I get this dog’s dinner:

The second piece is exactly as I have it set, but the first piece? What is that all about?

I know I’ve been accused of “fighting” Roon but frankly I think Roon is fighting me. I really love some of the stuff that the software brings to the table, but there is also an essential need to switch it off from time to time.

In this instance, this is a complete box set of Richter’s work &, whilst many discs feature the work of one composter, such that I could add that composer to the “primary artist” field, on many discs, there are pieces by different composers & Roon doesn’t seem to add that information next to the composition when I identify the album & let Roon take over, so I have to drive. I wish Roon would just let me when I need it to.

Blimey! When the people who make the software don’t know why it isn’t working properly, you really are in trouble!

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