Seeing "Poor Connection: Try Again" even though ARC is working fine [Ticket In]

When i open ARC i get the message “Poor Connection -Try again - Retry” after about a minute although I have GBit-Cable. My genres and albums are also only partly displayed. What am I doing wrong?

Symmetric gigabit? Same speed up (from your Core to your phone) as down (from a Web site to your computer)?

Hi @Gerald_Hans_Fessl ,

Does the ARC app still work even though you’re seeing this message? There is a UI bug that we’re aware of when the Core is operational but that error message is still erroneously shown.

ARC App is working also the ARC-test in the ROON App (settings, Roon ARC) is fine. I also have the problem, that I can’t see more than 12 albums for each of my genres. In the ROON App exactly the same 12 albums are displayed but in ROON App there is a “More” button which makes it possible to see the other albums. This button is missing in the ARC App.

There is no Genre browser in the ARC app at present. If this is important to you, please post it in the #roon:feature-suggestions category of the forum. Thanks.

Same here.

Roon core is working, port forwarding is ok.

ARC is connected to core, but I get the message “poor connection” and cannot control the core.

When I play something it plays on the iPhone.

My bad! I misunderstood that ARC app will replace RoonRemote thus I was looking for the controls that belong to the remote app.
All good now!
And thank you very much for ROON!!!

I had the same error message. Rebooted roon core twice and it finally loaded successfully.


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