Seeing which song is playing in an album

I’ve recently noticed that as I’m playing an album (start to finish, after clicking “play now” on the album), there is no indication in the song list which song is playing.

Clearly, I can see the song playing at the bottom of the screen and can search in a list of 10-20 tracks listed above where I am - but I’m used to seeing some marker next to the "active’ song that is playing that shows where I am in the list - do I need to select any settings to enable this?

thank you sincerely

By chance did you start playing the album, then Add it to your library? I’ve had a similar problem with that, as Roon is now showing you the version you added while the version playing is from Tidal or Qobuz.

Try clicking on the album art on the bottom left, then click it again and it should show you the album along with the playing tracks.

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@geoB - that is exactly what happened, and your solution worked perfectly as you suggested. Thanks so much!

Roon should really fix this one…

thanks again :slight_smile:

What’s to fix? Just click on the playing ICON, then click again to get to the view that shows the list of songs and which one is playing. I think that works as intended. Also, the ICON at the bottom of the page tells you the song that’s playing and the artist.

Clearly I couldn’t figure it out without posting here, which means others would find it as unintuitive as I have. My own POV is that if you’re listening to a song and clicking to add that album while still listening to it, it should appropriately show where you are in the album.

You clearly understand how Roon works and while they implement it differently. I simply don’t want to expand effort thinking about its architecture, but have a more seamless user experience. so I think it is a worthy thing to fix


Using Roon can be a learning experience, no question.

no doubt :slight_smile:

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