Seeking bit perfect with Chord Mojo - variable output?


Am wondering if anyone may be able to help.

I have been happily using my Chord Mojo as an endpoint for Roon, with USB connection, but I seem to be unable to get it to work with software control volume other than via selecting DSP option in the volume settings, all others give fixed output. The DSP opion does not give me bit perfect output however.

I would love to be able to control Roon and Mojo remotely including volume output via either cellphone or X7ii.

Here’s a summary of the options available…


Any pointers as to what I should try would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

The Mojo doesn’t support volume control using its internal volume over USB. Just a limitation of the product. Send feedback to Chord–maybe they will add this functionality in the future.

Hi Brian.

Thanks for the reply.

Am happy to leave the mojo at “line out” level. It’s the signal coming from the PC itself I’m hoping to regulate, but still giving bit perfect. If this isn’t possible, then no worries, but I was wondering if there was some driver or setup jiggery pokery I’d overlooked :slight_smile:

DSP volume control applies digital gain/attenuation directly to the signal data. Bit perfect output is not possible.


Ok, noted! Thanks