Seems all that is needed is USB2

I recently set up a Late 2009 Mac mini 3,1 with Catalina 10.15.7. Yea, I know that’s not supposed to be possible … but it is running Roon server 1.8 and Audirvana 3.5.40. Music library is DSD and Flac 96KHz+ on a Sandisk Extreme Pro USB 3.2 1Tb (formatted FAT32).

Since high res audio only requires a USB type B cable to feed a DAC, this is the technical minimum you need to run Audirvana, and it also runs Roon Server!


If anyone is interested on how this is done, let me know. I may make a How-To video.

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I moved this to the Tinkering category as it seems to be the most suitable location for it.

Well done but please be aware that you may only be an update away from Roon breaking.

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Here is my How-To video on how I did it: Hi Res audio on an extreme budget - YouTube