Segregating 24 bit and 16 bit files in folder view

Looking at a Roon Nucleus … no interest in Tidal as I have have a huge NAS library … here’s my first question

At the top level of my current music library file system view I separate my stored NAS music in folders by 16 bit files for my “background speakers” and 24 bit files for my dedicated listening room … also have separate folder for all the Holiday Music - When I open a folder it holds album views of all the music inside - Will this work with the Roon interface

Not clear on why you need such a stratification, but maybe this ‘Focus’ selection (from the ‘Album’ screen) will work for you. You can set up a Bookmark to hold the results of the focus and it will autoupdate as you add music.


The appropriate Focus criteria -

The ‘Album’ screen after 192kHz is selected -

The Bookmark results of the 192K bookmark -

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You can use Roon Focus to choose 16 bit vs 24 bit. You would probably need tags for holiday music. I guess “Soylent Green” already said that.

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In Roon, Settings > Storage, create a location for each folder. Then use Focus (Storage Locations) to filter on the location, and bookmark the view. Repeat for each location. The view will show you what you want, and may be sorted by artist, rekease date etc.

Furthermore, with each view, you can select all, and add a custom tag.

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