Select album by record label

In the Credit section of an album at the bottom of the page, if I’m looking for a particular version of an album by record label, is it a simple matter of clicking on the label itself?

Not sure exactly what you are trying to do here but, when I click on the label in a certain albums view, as far as I can tell, it shows all albums for artists in your library by that label. So not really the best way to find a certain version of an album.

I would suggest using focus to do this (focus on the label and then filter by performer/or album title, as a suggestion).

Thanks! Haven’t used Focus. Will try that from now on.

To be clear though - this just looks in your library. There is an extensive thread asking for the feature of scanning all releases by a label across streaming services you use. If that’s what you want, suggest you vote for the feature request.

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