Select all and none albums within TAG missing [Expected Behavior]

Core Machine

QNAP NAS HS-453DX - Roon 1.8 Build 795

Network Details

Telekom speedport pro - Ethernet Uptone Ether Regen

Audio Devices

19000 tracks

Description of Issue

Within TAGS it is not possible to select all or none albums, because the drop-down button is missing. As far as I remember, this was possible in earlier versions.

This is intentional AFAIK. Tags can contain all sorts of objects, not only albums, and that even mixed. If you are interested in albums, go to the album browser and load your tag there (first entry in Focus is Tags). There, now as the selection is limited to albums, you should have the drop-down button.

PS: There is usually no reason to look at the content of tags from the tag browser. Go to the browser that is for the objects you’re interested in and load the focus there. Roon will do it’s best to present you a selection based on the tag’s content. For example: If you added a bunch of albums to a tag, go to the track browser and load the tag there. The browser now lists all tracks on the albums from the tag.

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Thank´s a lot. This advice is helping and will solve my issues, managing several albums in a tag at once.

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