Select All Folders?…

I am more hard drive based, than folder structured. I would like to select a hard drive, and then uncheck folders I do not wish to be in the data set at present. I have too many artists to add one by one. For me it would be easier to deselect the ones I don’t want indexed.

Is there a way to do this? Or is there a better way to get to where I want to go? Still learning the ropes and loving every minute of it.

Thank you kind folks…

Roon will add albums that are in the storage locations you specify in Settings–>Storage. There’s nothing you can do about that other than put the albums, that you don’t want, in another location that you don’t add to Roon, or a Roon added storage location that you could enable/disable at will.

Once your Roon library is populated you could Focus–>Performers to select or exclude the ones that you want. You could also limit what you want to see by assigning tags to the albums you want.

Either way, if you have a big collection, it seems like a lot of curating.

BTW - Folders are a very controversial topic about the Roon design. Generally speaking, Roon does not recognize the folder concept in any manner, other than setting storage locations (obviously).

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I simply have a parent folder, Music for Roon, to which all my Roon music goes. If I don’t want it in Roon, it goes in another folder on the same hard drive, but Roon only monitors the Music for Roon folder. You can then periodically go through the other folder and add stuff as you want…

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My kind thanks to the both of you… I thought to ask first. I could not see a method, but as a new user, I am not fully aware of the things Roon will do, as well as the few it will not. I have about 111K tracks and most likely more than a thousand artists. Some I just collect, never to be really played. Sentimental discs I suppose. But thanks to you whom have shared with me the skinny on this one.

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Although much more manual, you can also go into Album Edit and hide albums, one at a time or multiples after a search or Focus.

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I might be able to use this method, of hidden folders to solve my challenge! Thank you for the insight… I enjoy the good people here, as much as I do the program itself. All very good by me.

This method of hiding albums is working out for me. I do not have that many… so thank you.

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