Select analog/optical input to core

When I am watching TV I would really love to be able to route the audio to the numerous endpoints. The amplifier has an analog out and the TV has an optical out. The core is a Mac mini with an analog in and a USB optical in.

I don’t care about sync, I just want to hear the audio while I make a cup of tea, wait for a game kick-off, expect a news item etc.

I guess I could run little streaming server and point the Roon Internet Radio function at it - bu that seems like a hack.

Can this be added to a future release? It doesn’t look hard to do. The UI could make it an Internet Radio option.

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This has been requested quite a few times, usually to play vinyl over the Roon transport network but at times related to video as well. You’re right if you just had a TV output to a computer sound input would be impossible to sync. I suspect that Roon would only implement this after getting through a long backlog of other enhancements, but who really knows (other than Roon, and they don’t say)?

I hope I also can stream Roon Core Audio Input

See also here:

Unfortunately, no response from Roon. I’d just like to know whether they have definitely discarded that option, or if it still is being somewhere on a to-do list.

It would really be a great feature, especially if one likes to use “low-cost” endpoints for certain rooms. Bluesound eg. is able to stream an external source through the whole house, but sometimes a Bluesound speaker is not practical (I don’t like speakers sitting on a working place in the kitchen, I have the speakers built in there) or too expensive (Node2 would do the job, but hey…too much $$ for that).

I would guess (and hope) this feature is still on a to-do list. Judging by the enthusiasm I’ve seen from @brian and @danny on the ‘input device’ there is a good chance we’ll see it in the future… probably more complex to implement than expected, hence the extra time and silence.