Select Core, re-index Qnap

Roon Core Machine QNAP TS451+ v5.0.1

Starting Yesterday the 27th, 01/23 Roon prompted me to select the core because the software could not find it. I selected it and noticed it did not repopulate what was on my Qnap. I looked in settings and I had to re-add the folder. It indexed which took some time. Lat night all was well. This morning it did exactly the same thing except it automatically started reindexing the QNAP folder. I did not have to add it again. Was there an update to Roon. Anyone else experiencing this problem? My set up has been working so good for the last month or so. Help!

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![Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 8.11.00 AM|690x431](upload://eunjQr7LfgKU2Mw1HhGM9wsJd1K.jpeg)

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