Selected internet radio give no response on iPad [reproduced - ticket in]


I have a problem with the choice of an internet station on the iPad. The desktopversion on the Mac mini is ok.

Roon 1.3 build 196 on Mac mini Mac os Siera 10.12.3 i7 8gb Roon SSD and audio data on second harddrive
iPad Air Roon app 1.3 196.

If I select the internet menu and I make a station choice nothing is happening, its works only after a ‘sorted by name’.
I saw on the community site that there are more complaints.

I hope to hear from you soon.



Might be fixed in the Build 200 update but the app store might no allow the iPad updates for a few days or more…not sure its related to the internet radio bug thats listed

I will wait for the iPad update, in the Changes and Bug Fixes from Roon Build 200 I don’t see anything which concerns internet radio.

In my opinion is Internet radio not a priority for Roon.
I have a lifetime-version, I hope for a better internet radio support.



Certainly the Roon guys are up to their ears right now but Im sure it will get gotten to in the overall scheme of things if its not been addressed yet in B200, As you say IR is probably not at the top of the urgency pile just yet.

I just want to point out that what you quoted does not refer to Internet Radio but to the random Radio function that creates an on the fly playlist from your personal local library.

It may be that your IR issue is a side symptom of another problem that was fixed. It is always good to check the issue again with a new update.

Just had the App Update on IOS and Radio stations seem to work as expected now. Good work

is corrected the quote has been removed.

Having same issue with latest iPhone and Android apps. Have to quit and restart to change stations

The latest 200 app update fixed this for me.

After the update B200 the problem is not fixed and the blank screen problem is also not resolved.

I have had this intermittent problem in every version/build. Sometimes selecting a radio station and nothing happens even though all other music is playing ok. Restarting the iPad app cures it.

Oddly this works fine with my micro rendu and Devialet, but doesn’t with and 2nd Rendu and a Nuprime IDA8.

I believe I’m experiencing the same problem, too. My RoonServer and iPad Roon versions are now 1.3r200.

I paused Roon yesterday, and this morning when I try to select any radio station, there’s no response. I managed to play a selected station with an Android phone Roon Remote.

I think I also saw a peculiarity that even though I have paused on the iPad, music was still running and I have to pause it again on the android Roon remote.

And, if I exit Roon and reopen it, no stations will be displayed. Only after I forced quit Roon and restart Roon, then my stored stations are displayed again.

Hi everyone ---- Thank you for all of your feedback! Letting you know that we are looking into this issue, we appreciate your patience while we investigate!


In my opinion is this workaround a solution for the following problems on
the Roon remote device:

  • Selected internet radio gives no response on iPad (remote device),
  • and the empty screen after the start of the internet radio.

I suggest the next step Only on the Roon remote device:
Start Internet Radio from the menu and do direct a “sorted by name”

A better solution is to fix the bugs
The best option in my opinion is to integrate TuneIn in the Roon application!

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We have reproduced this, guys. Working on a fix :thumbsup:

Thanks for the report!