Selecting albums from "My Qobuz" issue

Intel NUC /ROCK latest build, ethernet to endpoint, iPad control point.

I started a free trial of Qobuz yesterday. An odd feature has come up. I’ve added several Qobuz albums to my Roon libary. I now go to Qobuz\My Qobuz via my Roon control point, and I see all the albums I have been adding. So far, so expected. I tap on an album I already added to my library, and I get an option to add the title to my library even though it’s already been added by Roon. Here is a screen shot. I added this album yesterday. Selecting the album via Roon’s Qobuz feature is inviting me to add it to the libary. Why? This is the case with all albums I access via this route that are already added to the library via the Roon/Qobuz interface. Is this by design or a bug?

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Hey @ACvitus,

I hope you’re enjoying your trial of Qobuz!

When you are browsing the Qobuz section of Roon, you’re looking at content that is considered outside of your library. This is because it’s presented exactly as-is from Qobuz rather than the in-library version which may contain edits you’ve made.

The best option is to browse your Qobuz content directly from your library. Here’s an example of how to do this on the Album Browser. Both local and streaming content in your library show here. You can then use Focus to select only your Qobuz library if you with by choosing Focus > Format > Qobuz:

You can learn more about the difference between in library and out of library content here in our KB

thanks @nuwriy. I had assumed that when browsing via My Qobuz in the Roon app that upon selecting an album, a coding check might be applied to avoid presenting the user with an “Add to library” button if the album has already been added - it seems redundant/confusing for the button to be there in all cases. But I suppose there might be circumstances where the current design would help (I just find it unintuitive).

Thanks for the Focus tip for helping me find in-library Qobuz content, that’s very helpful.

Were you able to consider my second post. When I browse my library and select a local CD version of an album, when I go to the Versons tab to add a Qobuz version to the library, the option to make the Qobuz version primary is only being presented infrequently. So I am having to go back and manually hide the local version. I find it odd that sometimes the Make Primary button appears, but most times it does not.

Hey @ACvitus glad we could help, I’m going to move your second post to another thread for a closer look.

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