Selecting albums to play by Sample rate?


Can anyone tell me if it is possible to select albums to play by Sample rate?

Thank you.

Yes, use the Focus —> Format to find them.


Not sure what you mean by Focus - Format?


Just found the section your referring to thank you.

Is it possible to create Focus ‘presets’ for rapid access to subsets of audio?

Create the focus then bookmark it.

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Thanks for the tip.

It would be cool if a filter set using the focus feature could be saved.

@Dans, It can, just bookmark it.

Thanks Carl. Do I understand correctly that I can tag songs in Roon, but Roon is unable to recognise the sample rate or at least auto tag perhaps? If so, that would seem a very labour intensive solution to a feature Audirvana provides out of the box.


What exactly are you wanting to do? An example?

Actually, I would like to be able to define and save a view using filters so that I can for example say I want to view all Hi Res (192k, DSD) genre “Blues” tracks only.

I want to be able to call up that list any time with 1 or 2 clicks max. I’d like to see a list of my saved views.

Not sure this is possible in Audirvana actually, but it doesn’t seem to be in Roon either unless I haven’t fully understood tagging and how to use it.

In addition to Bookmarking something, there is also the ability to create what is called “Tags” which might be what you are looking for.

Hope this helps.



I have to add songs indiviidually though don’t I?

I was looking for a bulk add option.

You use the Focus feature to identify what you want.

For example, first go to Albums. Then select Focus. Then go to Format. Then highlight what you you are looking for.

For example I selected “Stereo” and this came up.

Now from here you can either Right Click on each album or Ctrl A (For PC) to highlight All.

Then Select the 3 Dots from the Top and Click on “Add to Tag …”

From there you can Manage your Tags to add to or create new Tags.

In a nutshell, you use Focus to zero in on what you want, then Crtl A to highlight All, then create a New Tag to correspond. I used Format for example but Focus can zero in to all kinds of scenarios.


That’s true, but rather than tagging the content I just save that focus selection as a bookmark … this way it’s a dynamic list and there’s no need to maintain it.

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Dynamic like this.
It works well when there is a filter in Focus (in this case Frequency and your Genre).

Tags, or the funnel filter are more appropriate for less general cases.


Either way would achieve what he is wanting to do.


I wanted to say thanks to the contributors. Shortly after the previous post i had a bicycle accident and was out of service for several weeks after which i forgot about this thread.

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