Selecting all "I Loves You, Porgy" and adding to new playlist results in a 0 track playlist

There are 230 versions of the above on Roon. I select them all ie. ticked & blue & try to put them on a playlist. It does not work. Is there a limit to the number of tracks one can put on a playlist like this, or is there a parameter I need to change ?


Does it work if you just select a few?

Nothing beyond 5.

The track is ‘I loves you porgy’?
I’ll try, but I only get 25 versions

Yeah, I was trying to find out if the OP’s problem is the selection size or something more fundamental. (I’m aware that adding a multiselection works in principle :slight_smile: )

Seems like for you it works with at least 6, no idea why more than 5 does not work for the OP

Go into the Keith Jarrett album “The Melody at night with you”

Found I’ll try

Well… It does not work… It did work for bethoveens 9th with 4653 traks, I’ll try more

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 15.17.10

works for 99

Interesting. Thanks for trying. Perhaps one of the @support team can comment.

Works for 130… there is something fishy somewhere in there

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 15.26.06

And 150
Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 15.30.13

And 160

I found out why

161 works, 162 no, and if I jump the track at no 162 works again. So track no 162 it is the problem,
it is going to be release that is the only difference. So if the selection contains an unavailable (to be released) track adding to playlist does not work

Edit. Wrong, we are in 23 not 22 :roll_eyes:
So it must me another thing with that track. That track does not want to be saved (not when I select just that track and do a playlist for it)


The toots recording is not available in the US.

Hi All,

There were some changes in this area, can you please confirm if you are still seeing this behavior?

Looks ok now
Thanks for coming back to this.

Still not working for me. Here’s the whole story in all it’s enervating prosaic detail.

To find the track, I go the the Keith Jarrett album “The Melody at night with you”.

I see 245 versions hi-lighted in blue and when I drill down, I get 241 versions.

I hi-light as per attached & try to add all tracks to a new playlist. I go to my Roon playlists and see this.

This is a small thing, but such is my enthusiasm for some songs, that I like to ensure I have captured everything on Qobuz & hence Roon. I can then play through every version and edit to get both my favourite versions and my preferred recording by artist. For example, Nina Simone has recorded many versions of “I loves you, Porgy”, but which sounds best to me.

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Do you have Tidal and Qobuz or just Qobuz? And, if so, what region?

IF I do the same as you, I get 161 versions, they are all selectable. Added to a playlist, 159 show up in the Playlist, 2 shy of the selected total. I have not investigated what those two are. I only have Qobuz in the US.

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Qobuz only & I’m in the UK.

Hi @ATC_300ASL - Thanks for the additional details and for letting us know you are still able to reproduce. We’ve put in a ticket to investigate this further.

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