Selecting Audeze model on the iPhone app

I’ve just got a pair of Audeze LCD 2 headphones. I want to be mobile with them so I’ve have an iFi Hipdac 2 connected to my iPhone.

Though I can select the Audeze presets on the app I don’t seem to be able to select the model. Is this not possible?

Any info regarding this?

Looks like it’s possible to choose Audeze-model on the iPad, but not iPhone. Will the iPad settings carry through to the iPhone?

Yes they are endpoint specific not remote specific. You can on the iPad save out your own dsp presets with any combo of dsp settings and give them a name with the model. These presets are available on the phone. You don’t get full dsp setup on phone as screen isn’t big enough to display it affectively a the presets slow you to apply a whole wad of settings from one click.