Selection of imported Tidal albums are re-imported every few days

On viewing the Recently Added page, I’ve noticed that the same few dozen Tidal albums are repeatedly imported every few days, and, in turn, are always at the top of the Recently Added list. At first I thought new albums I added weren’t getting added to the library based on viewing the Recently Added page, when in fact they were added but were buried further in because already-imported albums kept taking the top spots on the list. As far as I can tell, the re-import seems to be restricted to Tidal albums.

Any ideas?

No one else is experiencing this problem? It seems to happen every three days or so.

I haven’t experienced this issue, but I have received information that in a future build the “date added” for Tidal albums will be fetched from the Tidal service itself instead of the Roon database. This means that it will always show the date at which the album was favorited in Tidal, whether it was added through Roon or directly in Tidal.
I believe this will solve your problem.

Hey @majnun70 – I’m going to send you a PM so we can get some more information from you.

Interested to know what’s going on here, but @Chikolad is right. Starting in our next release, we’ll be preserving the date the album was favorites/added to your Tidal library, so this should resolve itself with our 1.1 release regardless.

Stand by – I’ll be int touch.

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