Selectively prefer Tidal over local content

I’d like to be able to select which version of an album I prefer (Tidal vs. Local) and have Roon always use that version.

Full story:
I’ve got a decent sized collection of rips from CD dating back to the 80s. If you remember right, mastering on CDs back then left a lot to be desired.

Often, I’ve purchased remastered versions of the CD, and updated my library, but there’s a non-zero number of discs that still sound like AM radio, playing in my sweater drawer.

Tidal to the rescue! Many of those albums are available, in remastered form via my Tidal subscription. If I could choose Tidal as the preferred version of the album, my problem would be solved.

Why not always prefer Tidal? Well, the loudness wars have ruined many an album during the remastering process. Don’t get me started on how badly Dark Side of the Moon has been butchered…

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With the album in question click “other versions” this will show - view album on Tidal. View the album and add it to your collection.
The choose it as the primary version in the other versions tab.



This doesn’t quite work out for me, @Sloop_John_B. When I’m playing the ‘Radio’ and shuffling my library, mp3 files play even though I’ve already added the Tidal 14/44.1 version to my library. I started a thread describing this activity a while back, and, in fact, just posted there again today to say I’m still seeing this behavior in the current release of Roon, but no one else as had anything to add.

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I agree with Steve. Would like to have Tidal as a preference. Then my local rips can be the other versions.

Also I would like the option to browese a folder where my hires music are, or have the option to search for hires tracks.

Hope this can be added to the Roon roadmap.

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You can use focus to search for your hires files.

Focus than scroll over to right on the focuse screen and select format. Then select which hires format you want to include in the search.

If you bookmark thiis you can then get back to all your hi res files with a single click.

You can also use this to focus on just your Tidal content if you wish.