Selectively unhide duplicates? [Solved]

I like the feature by which Roon hides duplicates.

There are however a few instances when I do want to see files that might be considered duplicates. For example, Roger Water’s newly remixed “Amused To Death”. I have three versions of this album: original CD from the 90’s, and two recently released versions: DSD and PCM (192/24). I have modified the metadata in the files (using Yate) so that the Album tags are “Amused To Death (CD)”, “Amused To Death (PCM)”, and “Amused To Death (DSD)”. However, Roon hides all but the DSD version. If I set Roon not to hide dupes, then of course they all show.

So, questions:
1- Is there a way to prevent Roon from hiding these versions without turning off the hide dupes feature (which I generally like)?
2- Is there a metadata change I can put in the original files to prevent this from happening, again without turning off of the hide dupes feature?



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Hello Miguel,

I, too, have the same experience X 100 given I tend to buy more than one version when the opportunity arises. I am trying to summon what I did to get the other editions of the same album in different resolutions very much like what you experience. without global changing the hide duplicates. Alas I vaguely remember the only way to accomplish without defeating Hide Duplicates is to sort through my library and find the other editions. Sorry I can’t for the moment summon what I did to make all the editions of the same album readily available.


Hey @miguelito – good question.

If you have an album we’ve automatically flagged as a duplicate, you should be able to navigate to the album, click “Other Versions Of This Album”, then choose “Remove From Duplicates”.

Let me know if that answers your question @miguelito!

Thx Mike, that is -exactly- what I wanted.

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That is what I had a momentary lapse about. I use just that to access multiple editions of the same album that for whatever reason don’t show up until I click other versions…easier for me when it’s in front of me given I am learning about roon, roon with TIDAL and other programs that can be used with roon. Thank you for the prompt.