Self Contained Roon Endpoint

I am running Roon Core on a Nucleus server without problems. The primary endpoint is my Marantz AV8801. It took a while, but now everything runs pretty well.

I would like to put an endpoint in my bedroom. It would be nice if things could be kept simple, e.g., one box that would be able to pick up the Roon signal, amplify it and output it via a built-in speaker.

I have thought about getting a Squeezebox device on Ebay but I worry about putting work into a piece that is getting old and is no longer supported. I understand an Apple HomePod would also work but I’m not sure I want Apple to have a microphone in my bedroom.

Any suggestions for a box that would work for me?


Sonos speaker would suit your needs

I use Insignia speakers with built-in Chromecast for this.

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Addon T10 (NOT the C10), a Raspberry powered by the USB port, and your choice of compatible HAT (the cheaper the better, they’ll all be good enough).

Here are another two options:

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin (used via airplay so you are limited to 16bit):
I have an original wireless Zeppelin with iPod dock in my kitchen, it sounds great to me even if it doesn’t accept anything above 16bit.

Elac Discovery Z3:

I am sure that there are others.

Build your own with a speaker of your own choosing, raspberrypi and amp hat. Built two so far and they work flawlessly and sound very good.

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Bluesound Pulse Mini would be great and is RAAT

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Libratone Zipp 2 is one of my favourites as it’s portable (built in battery) and works well with AirPlay which Roon uses to send the data.
Sound quality is quite good for a WiFi speaker and sound level can be quite loud!

…Zipp 2 has a mic…Zipp doesn’t :slight_smile:

I just picked up the Bowers and Wilkins Formation Wedge. It’s definitely “different” looking but it sounds fantastic. Auditioned it against Bluesound 2i and Sonos Play:5 and it blew them away in sound quality. At $899 it’s an investment but it’s well worth it if you want a self-contained Roon endpoint with no mic. Good luck!

I bought a Bluesound Pulse Mini. The first generation one. I like it! Thanks to everyone for the fine suggestions.

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Great choice! Congrats and enjoy the music!