Semi Newbie PC Audio setup question

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11 Gaming PC Asus z690 MB 32 MB ram, i912900KF 16 Cores

Hi all, My Roon Core is also my day to day PC. I know that’s not ideal but it’s worked out so far. I have questions about setup when I"m playing through attached powered speakers, sometimes headphones, both out of the standard 3.5mm audio jacks. My questions are about the Roon audio settings AND the Windows sound settings.

  1. Roon audio setting is grayed out below This PC as “system output”–audio will play out the default device. Everything else is disabled. There are TWO Realtek Audio WASAPI options and one Realtek audio ASIO option, and some external devices I’m not using to play this through (Apple TV, etc). Is there any benefit to enabling any of the Realtek options (or Nvidia HD audio) and why are there two Realtek WASAPI options? It’s confusing what one would do on its own, much less one over the other.

  2. Roon/Qobuz is often playing hi res files. My Windows sound settings under “speakers” (default Realtek audio device)is 24bit/48000hz. Does that mean the hi res files from Roon are being capped at the lower rate? Should I change that setting? And if so what will that do to lower res files from Roon and other applications.

Sorry for the complicated question – I Googled to find this explained and couldn’t come up with anything.

Thanks for any help!

Hi @Frank_Wells a little more info regarding the audio devices (sound/video cards) you have connected along with a screenshot of your options will make it easier to help you. I’m pretty sure you’ll get the answers you’re after, good luck.

On my pic I use wasapi ,I did at first use the default setting but that dosent support roon exclusive mode but wasapi does,wasapi sounds better

The gold standard used to be kernel streaming then wasapi when I was doing PC audio

I’ve got a Lynx L22 card gathering dust here, that sounded pretty good

If you look at the signal path when playing a hi res qobuz track, it should show if Roon is doing any downsampling.

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