Sending the Optimum Signal

I currently stream Roon though aq Roon Bridge in a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga running Windows 10 PRO. It outputs thru USB to a Schiit Bifrost Multibit to my AVR, which accepts up to 32/192 Hi-Res using twin ES9026PRO DACs. (but aren’t being used when using the Bifrost) I am planning to install a Dolby Atmos decoder on the Yoga and sending it via HDMI to the AVR. I do have another option: sending the signal thru my Sony BRAVIA TV which can send an Atmos signal to the AVR (which decodes Atmos). I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts about using the ES9026PRO DAC instead of the Bifrost? I could continue using it for Hi-Res and just use the Sony BRAVIA for Atmos music.

Usually the output stages in the AVR are not great. Try it and see what you like. Roon does not support Atmos so installing a decoder won’t help Roon. Roon can use the HDMI, you can use this today if you like. That will send a digital signal to the AVR as 2-ch / multi-channel PCM. This would let you use any simulated multichannel music modes the AVR as well as any room correction.

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