Separate classical composers and works from the fray

Please consider separate browse menus for classical composers and works. Having it hidden amongst all the other albums makes for extremely messy browsing when one has a large music collection.

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Quickest way around this for now is to bookmark a Focus view tailored to your requirements.

I’ve found Bookmarks to be a pretty useful concept so far.

Thanks, I’ve now done that but I see the filter does not allow you to include/ exclude only albums that are identified/unidentified.

In album view, click on Inspector: then click on “Identified” or double-click identified to have the unidentified albums added to the search query.

It seems to be restricted if you begin the query in Composers view.

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Hmm, just tried this myself and after sorting by Unidentified albums, the Genres window becomes blank for some reason. This is despite the Genres “wheel” correctly showing the different genres that are in the file tags.

Seems like a bug.

My understanding is filters are specific to the view you start from… There’s no way to get from album filtering to viewing classical composers with the album filters intact.

The Identified filter should be exposed whether you’re browsing artists, albums, composers or works.

@brian, is my understanding re filter operation correct?

Yes, your understanding is correct.