Separate CXA81 Integrated Amp for Nucleus 2.0 playback

Currently I run my Nucleus through a nice Yamaha AVR, choosing the HDMI output/input for multichannel playback. And I route the 2.0 via USB to a Schiit Gungnir MB, with the new USB upgrade, to the stereo input on the AVR. I am looking for stronger 2.0 playback and eyeing the Cambridge Audio CXA81 (Roon Tested) as a secondary amp. I know I will have to effect a speaker switch for my towers and sub, but I don’t see that as a problem. Current AVR does not have channel pre-outs, except for sub.

I am wondering if anyone here has done such an addition to a system. I am asking two things: 1) is it likely that an separate integrated amp will produce cleaner 2.0 playback, and 2) if the internal DAC in the CA will be a reasonable replacement for the Gumby. I will need to sell it to afford the amp. I know for sure an audition will answer my questions, but I prefer to ask before I order.

Thanks for your input!